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RentReporter Benefits

  • Easy Access - All data is organized and stored in one secured location. This allows for restricted access by multiple user accounts (landlords, managers, tenants) at any time from any Internet connection.
  • Maintenance Free - No need to re-install or update when system features are upgraded, and no new expensive hardware or software is required.
  • Real-time Updates - Once data has been entered, it is immediately available to all users who have access to that data. Online rent payments are automatically entered into the system as soon as the payment clears.
  • Security - Your data is stored in a secure location and access is restricted through user types with different levels of security.
  • Reliability - Daily backups are performed to protect your data, and the system is monitored for availability 24/7.
  • Flexibility - Allowing tenants to access their information online prevents unnecessary phone calls. Online rent payments provide tenants with more options for making payments, increasing the probability you will receive payments on-time.

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