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RentReporter Features

  • Delinquents Report - View list of units that have a delinquent status, and print letter containing itemized balance sheet with automatic late fee calculation.
  • Expiring Leases Report - View list of upcoming lease expirations.
  • Rent Roll Report - View total income by unit and by month for a given year.
  • Expenses - Track property expenses for easy Schedule E reporting at tax time.
  • Late Fee Settings - Determine how late fees are calculated (Amount, Grace Period, etc.).
  • Lease - Assign lease start and end dates.
  • Recurring Charges - Create recurring charges (Rent, Parking, etc.) that will be automatically applied at the specified frequency.
  • Charges - Keep a running history of individual charges and view remaining balance.  Late fees are automatically created for rent charges.
  • Payments - Track payments and split amounts across multiple outstanding charges.  Payments may be automatically assigned to charges with our Smart Payment Auto-Assignment technology. 
  • Appliances - Record make, model, and serial number for major appliances.
  • Work Orders - Assign vendors and track open and close dates.
  • Detailed Information - Store important information about tenants including contact and biographical data.
  • Contacts - Keep list of emergency contacts for each tenant.
  • Security Payments - Track security payment history.
  • Vehicles - Maintain list of vehicle information used by tenant.
Online Access
  • Access and manage your information from anywhere, anytime.
  • Create additional limited-access users to allow your staff to perform data-entry tasks and reporting on each of your properties.
  • Allow tenants to enroll and view their current lease information, payment history, and outstanding charges, and update their contact information.
  • Accept online rent payments from your tenants via PayPal, giving them more payment options (credit card, debit card, or bank account).
  • Post announcements for your property that will display to the tenant upon login to the site during a specified date range.  When no announcements are available, links to current news articles relevant to renting are displayed.
  • Send out emails to all tenants with an email address, tenants enrolled in the site, or specific tenants.

If you do not see a feature listed here that you are interested in, you may submit a feature suggestion to  We are always looking to improve the service, and we value your input.
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